Implementation Engineer

Posted 06 Jun 2016

Pragnaa Corporate HR Services India Pvt. Ltd

Coimbatore (IT/Computer/Software/Software Products)

Hiring people for implementation & Support job in Tamil Nadu state - Coimbatore / Salem, Trichy. One of our clients in IT sector implementing their Core Banking application in various Banks in Tamil Nadu. After implementation of the software, bank staff will require guidance or support to operate new implemented software. The selected candidate will be supporting the Bank staff for operating our software for a stipulated period. After completion of Support of particular branch, resource will be moved to next branch for supporting. A candidate role will be of supporting the Branch Staff in order to make smooth functioning of an application co-ordinate with Core implementation team for issue resolving. The required training shall be provided to the candidates on Software and Basic banking for supporting branch staff.

Minimum Skill set required from Candidate :-

  1. Communication (Tamil / Basic English)
  2. Open for Travelling.
  3. Basic Knowledge of computers.
  4. Basic Idea about banking.


Rs. 9000/- to Rs, 10000/- per month

How to Apply

send your resume to